Haramida Base

Fully equipped Base. “Elite” Instructors. Best Service. 15 km from the Mytilene.


Scuba Equipment

All the equipment we use comes from the best manufacturers and is inspected and serviced regularly, exceeding Hellenic and International requirements.


2 compressors by PARAMINA

40 tanks, in sizes from 10l to 15l

20 regulators (Scubapro)

30 BCDs (Scubapro)

40 wetsuits 5mm (Scubapro)



Custom Diving Boat which are specialized diving boats with characteristics perfect for our needs.


300 hp outboard Suzuki four stroke engines

Diving ladder

30 knots Cruising speed

55 knots Maximum speed

12 divers maximum capacity


“Great team of divers
I only had time for one dive but would gladly have spent a week exploring nearby wrecks with Giorgious and his wonderful team of divers. The people at Lesbos Scuba Center were very professional, attentive and patient. We were a group of Canadians, Australians, Swiss a Greeks and we all came back impressed with the marine life we saw. Highly recommended center.”
Chic0jk, France

“Excellent Diving
Very friendly and professional set-up. Good equipment, fab dives on reefs just a short trip on the boat from the dive centre. Giorgios and Giorgios both excellent at pointing out interesting marine life and artefacts. Recommended!“.
Sheffield, UK

“The one of the best place for diving
I am a beginner in diving but I have seen here a great time with all team from this diving center. I can really recommend that place. Dla moich rodaków szczerze zapraszam fajni uczciwi i pełni humoru ludzie z tego centrum dzięki którym chce się nurkować dalej:). Pozdrawiam”
Tomasz, Poland

“Great Scuba Center
Had not really planned to go diving but the scuba center was just next door to our hotel so I brought the scuba gear with me. After more than two years away from diving I was feeling a little nervous about the whole thing. However, the staff at the centre guided me back to PADI skills and gave me back…
Pedro d, Spain

“Great diving and friendly staff
Me and my girlfriend both wanted to go diving in Lesvos. We never did dives in the Mediterranean before. We were pleasantly surprised by the underwater landscape and marine life. Big underwater rocks and creatures like octopus make a dive worth it. The staff of this dive centre are really kind and helpful and makes diving fun as it should…”

Marco G, Netherlands

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George Filios

George Filios

Founder and senior instructor

George has huge experience in dive training, having worked as an instructor in many places in Greece (Corfu, Kefalonia, Athens) and abroad (South Africa, Holland), and as a diver trainer at the Dive School of Kalymnos for commercial divers. He also was an Archeological Diving set up manager for the Greek Ministry of Culture, has worked as a professional Lifeguard for five years, and he is a Lifeguard trainer.

He is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, a 3* CMAS Instructor, an EFR Instructor Trainer, and can teach many specialties

Zoi Thanopoulou

Zoi Thanopoulou

Diving Instructor

Zoi is a PADI OWSI, and has joined the Lesvoscuba team on the summer of 2011.

As far as she remembers herself, she was always occupied with hobbies and sports related to the sea, such as swimming, sailing and scuba diving.

Being a Master’s degree student in the department of Environmental Sciences of the University of the Aegean, she has a unique perspective of the marine world, and its interaction with our society.

In wintertime, she dedicates some of her time teaching swimming to children between 3 and 7 years old, at the public swimming pool of Mytilene.

Dimitris Konstantis

Dimitris Konstantis

Diving instructor

Dimitris had his first contact with scuba diving at the age of 6 due of his father, who infected him with the “scuba virus”.

Despite the fact that he studied Industrial management at University of Pireaus, his love for the sea prevailed.

From 2009 to 2016 he worked as commercial diver and ROV operator in commercial industry.

He joined LSOC at 2016 as a Padi OWSI , and he is currently a postgraduate student at Marine Sciense department of University of Aegean.

Christos Katsoupis

Christos Katsoupis

Diving instructor

Everything started in 2007 when Christos first visited Lesvoscuba, and thus started hiw relationship with the underwater world. Since 2013 he is a member of the Lesvos Scuba team, and as a Master Scuba DiverTrainer he instructs new divers.

Since his childhood his love for the marine environment drew him to the sea, at first as a hobbyist, sailing, windsurfing, diving, and later proffessionaly.

He’s also a graduate of the Department of Marine Sciences of the University of the Aegean, and he’s an associate of the Fisheries Research Institute.

Dimitris Giannelos

Dimitris Giannelos

Diving instructor

Dimitri’s first contact with the element of water was at the age of 10, as he was a water polo athlete.

In 2002 he first found himself carrying a scuba unit at his back and since then he has been an amateur scuba diver.
However, everything changed for him during a scuba diving trip in Indonesia when he decided to try hard and make scuba diving a proffesion. As a matter of fact, Dimitris is quite familiar with putting a lot of effort on a specific thing. After all, as a proffessional dog trainer, one of his best epressions is “The patient dog gets the fattest bone”.
Since 2016 he is officially a member of the team of Lesvos Scuba as a PADI OWSI and he is ready to transmit his knowledge to the new divers.
Tanja Matijević

Tanja Matijević

Marketing Support

Tanja joined the team in 2016 and, mainly, she is engaged on administration, logistics and marketing part of the Lesvos Scuba Diving Centre.

After career in mining industry, she decided to move to Lesbos Island and join the diving team. She finished her studies on Master of Environmental Research program at University of the Aegean.

Her goal is to put smiles on clients’ faces at Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Cetre but also to contribute in conservation and protection of the island marine and terrestrial environment by promoting it through sustainable tourism.


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