Master Class – How to Open and Run a Successful Scuba Diving Business




Attend our expert-led FREE master class on necessary knowledge for kick-starting and running a profitable scuba diving business.

5-day Course Topics: 

1. Let’s start with YOU – what you need to have inside you to be a good scuba diving business owner. The mindset behind good management of the scuba diving business (worksheet)
2. Information gathering before you open a business – what are the crucial parameters that will set the decision (location, taxes, number of tourists, number of present diving centers) (worksheet)
3. Explaining each part of the Business Plan so that you can understand the investment (downloadable Business Plan)
4. First things to buy and required time
5. Team members – whom to engage first and how to choose the right people
6. Marketing Plan – all the tools that you should start using before you start operating (downloadable form)
7. Opening a DC – how long does setting up everything last, DC layout, working hours, setting rules (downloadable form),
8. Running a DC – people management, marketing, service and product timetable, equipment maintenance, boat maintenance, and partnership management.

Bonus session – questions and answers.


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