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Join us for our Master Class Series, 3. – 7. April, 2024

How to Open and Run a Successful Scuba Diving Business

Are you a scuba enthusiast looking to turn your passion into a successful business venture? 
Hi, we are Tanja and George, founders of Scuba Business Incubator.
Our 5-day Modules Master Class Series is designed to help environmentally conscious individuals like you, who want to create a successful diving business faster.

By joining our program, you’ll save valuable time, money, and unnecessary stress in the process.

Don’t let your dream business stay underwater – let us help you bring it to the surface and thrive in the industry.


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3rd April, 2024 19 pm Eastern European Time (UTC + 2)








What you will learn

Modul 1 - 3rd April, 7pm EET - The best business model for your case

The most mistakes of opening a scuba diving business come from here. Which business model is best for you is crucial to start on best way and not loos money and time. 

Modul 2 - 4th April, 7pm EET - Your mindset is your greatest advantage

It is useful to have opportunity to invest, to be on best location and to have a best team ever. But having correct mindset for this business is as same importance.   

Modul 3 - 5th April, 7pm EET, The layout brings efficiency and save time

If you start with wrong layout of your scuba diving center or school, your can face a big delays, frustration and exhaustion. Obtain yourself and your enjoyable time while providing service.

Modul 4 - 6th April, 7pm EET - Equipment that is money-saver

You need a long-lasting, high-quality, state-of-art and easy-to-service equipment for your clients. Learn what are the equipment on the market that can provide you with all this. We will provide you with Trick and tips how to meantance and clean your equipmet to last longer in like-new shape.

Modul 5 - 7th April, 7pm EET - With good team you can thrive

Good team of people is so hard to find. You want someone who is fast-learner, good with people and love scuba diving. You will learn technics for interviews so that you find people that tick all these caracteristics 

Bonus Modul - 8th April, 7pm EET - Q&A

By joining our Master Class series, you will have a chance to ask any questions and win a discount for our 1 : 1  consulting subscription..  

Nothing to lose.
Everything to gain.

Your first step to realizing your dream. 

Attend our expert-led FREE master class on necessary knowledge for kickstarting and running profitable scuba diving business.

Schedule of the Master Class Series

You will receive all the information necessary for performing all the steps before, during, and after opening your scuba diving business. George did all these processes himself and learned things the hard way, resulting in wasted time and money. With this Master Class, you will receive full support from us to avoid making the same mistakes. You will save money and time, enabling you to enjoy the dream that has become a reality. 


3rd April, 7pm EET - Let’s start with YOU

What you need to have inside you to be a good scuba diving business owner. Mainset behild a good management of scuba diving business.


4th April, 7pm EET - Information gathering before you open a business

What are the crucial parameters that will set the decision (location, taxes, number of tourists, number of present diving centers).


5th April, 7pm EET - First and future expenses

Equipment that you need to start with, cost and time of delivery. Plan for future purchase and expenses. 


6th April, 7pm EET - Team members

Whom to engage first and how to choose the right people.


7th April, 7pm EET - Marketing Plan

All the tools that you should start using before you start operating


8th April, 7pm EET - Bonus - Q&A

How long does setting up everything last, DC layout, working hours, setting rules (downloadable form). People management, marketing, service and product timetable, equipment maintenance, boat maintenance, and partnership management.

The speaker

George Filios

Strong Connection with water

He always had a strong connection with water. For him, it was everything…life, safety, my home environment…a call. It led him to become a swimmer, water polo player, a lifeguard, and finally, a scuba diver. He was a trainer at the only commercial diving school in Greece at that time. Plus, he was working as a commercial diver in Rotterdam. Then, he worked in South Africa, Corfu, and Kefalonia as a scuba diving instructor, and also in Athens in the Ministry of Underwater Archaeology, where he led a team of divers for underwater exploration in the Aegean Sea. Concerning equipment, he is a certified ScubaPro equipment technician and captain for small motorboats.


But then, he felt it was time for him to open his own scuba diving center. It was back in 2002, and with a limited investment, he registered a scuba diving center on Lesvos island. He had a van and three sets of equipment, and he provided scuba services to hotels all around the island. Finally, he invested in two bases on the North and South of the island. He also opened his shop in the main city, where he was selling scuba diving and snorkeling equipment. It was the “golden time of Greece”. And then, the economic crisis hit in 2008, and he had to shut down his shop and one of the bases, so he stayed with one centre in the North of the island. Another crisis hit the island 2015 and it was when unfortunate people from Middle East fleeted the island because of the war in Syria. That situation effect the tourism industry of the island, so the diving center as well. Tanja, his wife, entered his life in 2015 bringing her sales and marketing skills. This led to business recovery, but it was also the moment when the concept of opening another diving center was born because they felt confident that they could manage it. So, he went to Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and the Canary Islands to analyze a market and look for good business opportunities. Finally, they were offered the hard-to-reject opportunity to join a family of scuba diving centers in Greece, in partnership with 5-star resorts. Therefore, in 2019, they opened our second diving center on Kos Island, Greece.

What participants have to say about our events!

Aleksandar Rakocevic

Talking with George was very informative, with lots of helpful tips and strategies. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get their scuba diving business open and run! 


Konstantinos Vatikiotis

I used to be a student of George’s, but now I am the proud owner of a thriving scuba diving centre. George is a professional and engaging person who really knows his stuff. This webinar is highly recommended for anyone thinking about launching their own scuba diving business.



Are you looking for answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our upcoming webinar?

How do I sign up for the Master Class?

You just need to click on the button “Yes! Sing me up” and you will be directed to a new window where you can enter your credit card information to purchase the Master Class Series. Afterwards, you will arrive at the Thank You page, where you can book your calendar with just one click for all the days based on your time zone. You will also receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Make sure to email us so that you receive all the information about the Master Class in your inbox.


When will the Master Class take place?

Each day, from 3rd April, 2024 to 8th April, 2024 at 7 PM Eastern European Time (UTC+2), for one hour.

Is there a cost associated with joining this event?

Yes. We have decided to offer you the best price for this Master Class, reducing the original cost of 2,897 euros to a discounted price of 487 euros.

Will there be opportunities to ask questions during the Master Class?

Yes. We will have a Q&A section at the end of each day of the Master Class. We have decided to add an extra day to the 5-day Master Class specifically for addressing your questions.

What topics will be discussed during this Master Class?

We will cover the topics in three sections: before opening, during the opening, and after opening a scuba diving center.

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