Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions that Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Center receive from its customers.

What’s the water temperature? What type of suit will I need?

During the summer months surface water temperature is around 25°C, and temperature in depth can be as low as 19-20°C. A 5mm full body suit with a hood is usually enough.

What if I haven’t dived for more than 12 months?

As stated in the Open Water Diver course, it is important to dive at least once or twice a year. If you have gone longer than 12 months without a dive, you will be required to complete a Scuba Review, as per the worldwide industry standard.

What if my partner/friend wants to come but doesn’t want to dive?

No problem! For a small sum of €15, non-divers can join us on one of our dive trips, or with €20 they can even be provided with full snorkeling gear to follow your bubbles!

Do you offer special rates for groups?


You can contact us and we’ll try to make the best offer for you!


What forms will I need to sign?


If you are a qualified diver and want to come in one of our Boat Dives, you will be required to complete the PADI Medical Questionnaire [PDF] and the PADI liability release.

If you participate in a Course you will have to complete the PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding, the PADI liability release and the PADI Medical Questionnaire [PDF].


What about diving equipment rental?

All our courses include full equipment. For dive trips if you don’t have your own equipment you can rent from us. You can even rent equipment to dive indepentently. For prices check here. Our dive center is stocked with top of the range Scubapro kit, in the best working condition.

How do I know I’m diving with a reputable dive centre?


Lesvoscuba is a PADI Dive Resort, certifying safety and professionalism. Our PADI accreditation means we are regulated and follow PADI’s General Standards & Procedures. So you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. We are also certified by the Bureau Veritas for our standards in safety.


Can I start my PADI Open Water Diver course at home before I travel to Greece?


Absolutely. You can get started by signing up for the PADI Open Water Referral with your local dive centre and completing the Confined Water and theory sections of the course. You’ll then join us for Open Water dives 1-4 to gain your certification. The other option is PADI eLearning, where you learn the theory from the comfort of your own home.


What are the rules about flying after diving?

In accordance with worldwide industry advice, to avoid the risk of decompression sickness we recommend that you do not fly for a minimum of 18 hours after your last dive.

I’m certified. How big will the group I’m diving with be?


Our boats can comfortably carry 10 divers, and we always take care to split into smaller groups, always with a certified instructor or dive leader, according to diver experience and needs.


What’s the weather like?

Greek summer is sunny and warm, with daytime temperatures averaging 30°C (86°F). The water temperature from May to September ranges between 19°C – 26°C (67°F – 79°F). Most of the time the sea is calm, with no big waves or strong currents.

What’s included in the price?

Check our pricelist for the boat dives and equipment rental or dive courses. Course materials and diving equipment can be purchased from our dive shop.


I'm trying to contact you but I get no answer on the phone.

We may be in a dive trip or a course! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or you can leave a message here.

Will I need a medical form before diving?


Before signing up for a PADI course, you will be required to complete and sign the standard PADI Medical Questionnaire [PDF], with any “YES” answer cleared by a doctor. We recommend taking the form to your doctor for completion before you travel to Greece.


Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write to us at info@lesvoscuba.gr or call us on +30 9645998764