Our boat

We are operating with custom made diving boat that have capacity for 12 divers. It gives as opportunity to reach our diving site in no time.

Our “house reefs” are just a five minute boat ride away, and more diverse dive spots are within 20-50 minutes boat ride.

Custom dive boat 

One more boat has joined our team last year. It is customized dive boat named Calypso III making our dives more comfortable and exciting. It has 24 places for tanks.

It features:

300 hp outboard Suzuki four stroke engine

Diving ladder

30 knots Cruising speed

55 knots Maximum speed

12 divers maximum capacity, with 2 tanks for each diver.

Prices for the boat dives

Boat and Guided Dives for Certified Divers

Description Duration Price (in Euro)
(*your own equipment/**our equipment)
Skills Review (check dive) + 1 fun dive Half day90
1 dive - Agios Vasileios or Orgy Villa 3 hours40* / 50**+10€ for instructor/divemaster guide
2 dives - Mersinia, Agios Vasileios, Orgy Villa5 hours60* / 80**+10€ for instructor/divemaster guide
2 dives - Fara, Tarti6 hours70* / 90**+10€ for instructor/divemaster guide
2 dives wreck safari - Vatera, Agios Fokas8 hours120
Night dive 3 hours50.00
Snorkeling 3 hours40.00
Dive computer10.00
Dive camera 25.00

Shore dives

DescriptionDurationPrice (in Euro)
1 dive from shore + equipment 3 hours40.00

Equipment rental for non boat and guided dives

DescriptionDurationPrice (in Euro)
Fins, mask and snorkel1 day10.00
Regulator, BCD, wetsuit and tank1 day40.00

Scuba Diving with other alternative activities

Combine scuba diving with sailing, hiking, biking and many other unforgettable adventures.

Boat dives and sailing

Enjoy the beauty of the sea in three dimensions. 
Start in the morning with a dive and continue with an exciting sailing trip with Alternative Sailing team.

For total price of this itinerary, please, contact us or George from Alternative Sailing.