I have to start with the sentence that everyone chooses their own path and own luck. So, this little buntch of thoughts are maybe referening to some who will say that they no longer want to be part of the capitalist system and slaves of bigger goals of individuals. The same ones would say, I want to sell smiles, experience and knowledge to the people rather than material things…I want everyone who comes in contact with me, to leave with the feeling of happiness and fulfillment…I want my mental food to be measured with numbers of sparks in the eyes of those to whom I showed new dimension of life, after what they can spread their thrill like a chain reaction. Like Mother Teresa said – “let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” It should be everyone’s goal. So, there should no problem to work 12 hours if you know that your work will change, at least part of the day, if not your entire life. Exactly that feeling you can experience if you are working in diving center.

Every day you could be charged with positive energy from those who visit you. People who are engaged in diving can only be good, generous, considerate and empathetic. Another big benefit of working in the diving center is that in one day you can travel the world. How? Simple. If people from Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, US visit you one day, you have a feeling as if you visited all these countries briefly, little bit of their culture and history, finding out people’s way of thinking and attitudes. Isn’t that great?! And if they return to you next year, we greet like old friends, and the good energy keeps floating around. And finally, people who works in diving centers are in constant contact with nature and they spread the voice of its importance and our responsibilities upon it, transferring it to the next generation.